August 20, 2019

The Missing Keys In Fashion

What is fashion? Fashion is an aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, especially in clothing, footwear, makeup, accessories, and hairstyle. Fashion is also a language which tells a story about a person who wears it. Fashion expresses who we really are. But the multimillion-dollar question is: what is really missing both in modern […]

Five (5) Main Dresses A Woman Should Wear In Her Lifetime.

“We need to teach our daughters that, there are five (5) main dresses a woman should wear in her lifetime. These are: 1. School uniform 2. Matriculation gown 3. Graduation gown&Nysc uniform 4. Wedding gown 5. Maternity dress. Let our daughters know this too; That if any girl skips the second dress, she may not […]

One Of Kogi’s DJ Is Among Top 10 DJs In Nigeria In 2019

You go to parties and you can’t stop dancing. You’re wiping sweat off your face and your handkerchief is completely soaked. You can’t help but inquire who the monstrous DJ is. It is a fact that Nigerian DJs are known for setting dance floors on fire. Sometimes, many Nigerian DJs don’t get the credit they […]

The Fable Of The Naked Truth

One morning, while Truth skinny-dipped,Old Falsehood found where she had stripped.That liar stole her royal robeAnd strutted in it round the globe.But Truth was pure and would not wearThe rags that Falsehood left her there.From that day onward she went bare,Clad only in the sun and air.Exposing all to all she greets,Who fall for falsely […]

Wizkid, Davido top Billboard sales charts

Davido’s ‘Blow My Mind’ debuts at No. 3 while Wizkid hits No. 1 on his second week ‘Brown Skin Girl,’ Wizkid’s collaboration with Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Saint Jhn, hits No. 1 of the charts in its second week. ‘Blow My Mind,’ Davido’s collaboration with Chris Brown debuts at No. 3 on the charts. ‘Blow […]

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