September 19, 2019

Art:- One Africa by Xtrovart

Decades ago we spearheaded the fight for your freedom In the spirit of Africanism.
We used to be fellow Compatriots
Until you turned your back against us. You accused our men of dominating your land But how did we become strangers?

Yes, we are unapologetically NIGERIANS
Mother Earth blessed us with the ability to thrive on every soil.
How then are we to be blamed for that?
Historical Amnesia seems to have taken over you
How our fathers gave you shelter during apartheid.
The land we strived to save has put us in strife today.

Remember; Hate is such a stupid concept
Hating people of the same shade is as hating yourself.
While you chant Xenophobia
We chant Thantophobia
We are peacemakers
We are Nigerians.

Conceptual Body Art: Salami Shedrack Ojonugwa Xtrovarts

Eric Victor

An enthusiast, a uniquely defined gent who is down to earth. Humility and honesty is my middle name, reaching out to youth by offering a push towards career development.
Eric Victor

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