October 18, 2019

Ode To My Dark Skin

Ode To My Dark Skin

They say the blacker the berry,
The sweeter the juice,

That may sound cliche but damn it’s the truth,
There were times that I hated you,

Debated you,
Ashamed of you,

I look back now with thinking man, how I was fooled,
Found this dark skin a curse,

Mainstream media is the worse,

Programmed fair skin as a commodity that I need like a brand new purse,

To prance around town like a clown,
I found no reason to be proud,

I walk around with sagged shoulders and my head was kept down,

Abused you using creams,

Your true beauty I couldn’t see,

Tear come to eyes,

Could you ever forgive me,

You were never the one to blame,

I was the one who brought you shame,

Allowed the words of color-struck niggas to hit me and turn you away,

You are the symbol of black strength,
Queen Nefertiti back in the flesh,

You’re blackness wraps tightly around me just like a freakum dress,

Puts me on top of my game,
Turn my back on all the lames,

Look who’s now ego trippin,
And your the only one to blame,
I’m Covered in melted Godiva,
Sweet chocolate I’m on fire,
No I’m not cocky I’m confident,

I laugh when they say you shouldn’t be desired,
How dare they identify you with ugliness,
I guess stupidity is contagious,

What your made with, can’t be debated your closer to gold and that can’t be tainted,

Never ever leave me alone,
Always bless me with your kisses,
Cuz the blacker the sweeter the juice,

And you are what I was blessed with.
– Fatima Iman

Eric Victor

An enthusiast, a uniquely defined gent who is down to earth. Humility and honesty is my middle name, reaching out to youth by offering a push towards career development.
Eric Victor

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