October 18, 2019

Redemption: Our Culture Our Pride

A solemn pledge

A vow to break every hedge

To smash the fetters that have restrained our progress

To loosen the shackles that have made us grow less

To halt the deliberate actions that have hurt our image

To discontinue the dereliction that has kept millions in bondage

To uproot the weed of selfishness that has stifled the seed of unity

To scale the hurdle of greed that has impeded our march to prosperity

No longer will I be a party

To any process that precipitates anarchy

I will always give my all

Anytime service to the nation calls

Other tribes religions I pledge to tolerate

And set an example for others to emulate

Resisting every form of corruption

Doing my job with renewed dedication

Promoting justice and equality

Showing love in the face if animosity

Being a good citizen

Exhibiting fervent patriotism

I will help Nigeria get back on her feet

By faithfully doing my bit

Am proud to be an igala

A fountain of love and spring of hope

Together we can build a nation

Were peace and togetherness will reign


Because redeeming Nigeria might never be

If it does not start with me

Eric Victor

An enthusiast, a uniquely defined gent who is down to earth. Humility and honesty is my middle name, reaching out to youth by offering a push towards career development.
Eric Victor

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