Miss Racheal is a very versatile lady, coupled with her good looks. She is a very creative fashion designer.
She plays a key role for FAC. 08027043542



Peter A.K.A Sir Pee is an adept artist who loves, and uses pencil to draw everyone’s attention, and also expresses his emotions. A full member of FAC. 08160314585


Uche is a natural idealist who puts in all his strength, which implies his brain power in whatever he is doing. A dedicated member of FAC. 07067405201


Adesanmi is a fashion designer who owns OMK clothing line. He puts his signature and passion on every bit of cloth he designs. A full member of FAC. 07066722342

Lawrence is the Tech guy and also an event planner. He is down to earth and an incurable optimist. A dedicated member of FAC. 07055597739


Eric is the brain behind FAC, he has a penchant for creativity that”s what is making FAC a reality. Also he is a gentleman of many virtues. He is very hospitable, serious minded, highly technical and clinical when it matters. He is a guy to be with. 08135897275



Web Developer, Event Planner and PR at Fashion, Arts & Comedy (FAC)
An ace writer and a poet, outgoing and gregarious with an electrifying personality second to none. Love taking calculated risks, the prince of patience ruling till eternity. Lawrence is the name and i say hello to you!!!